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Author Diana K. Kanoy

As a life-long nature, water, and animal lover, Dr. Diana Kanoy has chosen to live in an environment which can nurture domestic animals and gardens, simultaneously surrounded by woods with wild creatures. With property bordering a lake on the front and a swamp behind and varying habitat in between, she preserves and stewards the land and waterfront.

Her appreciation for fresh-water activities and creatures has been sustained from an early age by swimming, skin diving, water skiing, and kayaking. She is an avid supporter of the purity of the aquifer, springs, and wetlands and the wildlife they nourish.

Living lakeside in Florida for decades, she has witnessed and been awed by nature’s gifts of foliage and assorted land and water creatures, including alligators, sometimes in too close proximity for comfort!

Career recognition as an award-winning English and speech professor, along with a pursuit of spiritual mysteries and world travel to sacred waters of many countries, guided her creation of this unusual, inspired book. During a trip to New Zealand, while visiting Maori elders of an ancient native lineage called the Waitaha or ‘Water Bearers,’ she was invited to join a ceremony of prayers and chanting for the all-connected waters of the earth.

Dr. Kanoy has a way with words that surprises, entertains, and elucidates simultaneously. Masterful imagery, rhythm, and rhyme, along with the range of emotions that the content generates, give the poems and prose unexpected impact. The author’s proficient handling of edgy, occasionally controversial, material brings forbidden topics to the forefront with ingenuous clarity. The poems reflect her lived experiences with good humor, good sense, and good advice.

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