Samples from She Swims with Alligators

I knew better….  Never swim at dawn or duskfeeding time.  

But it was a dry hot August evening and I had been mowing the lawn and nature paths for hours.  Now 8:30 pm, covered in sand and dusty sweat, I just had to jump in to wash and cool off….”

“Perceptions Deflated”

“Turning to begin my leisurely swim, I glimpsed something in the water.

For a split second my brain couldn’t interpret what it was.

Then it registered!  Five feet away, big round black eyes stared right into mine over a rounded nose mound in a charcoal gray snoot, all else hidden under water.  It was so stunning my heart didn’t even speed up: no adrenaline, no burst of energy, not even the usual prayer.  Just a total freeze.  We stared….”

“You Bastard” from the Close Encounters Chapter